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About us 

When we grew up one of us always had a dog/dogs and the other never, yet always wishing to. Having bred Gloster canaries since 1983 it was only natural that in 1990 we would look for a show quality Sheltie, so we bought our Scarlette from Alfenloch Shelties.  Unfortunately, due to work and a young family we never had the time to show or breed her. So Scarlette was a part of the family, was adored and cherished, and when she passed away at 14.5yrs we would wait 2 yrs before we would get another. We found our beautiful Chelsea “Bonnyvilles Dream Come True” from Bonnie Taylor at Bonnyville Shelties, and will be forever grateful to Bonnie for our start in giving us our “Foundation”. Today all our girls and boys carry her lovely sweet expression, great structure, movement & temperament.             Our breeding program is a combination of close pedigree bred lines & selective breedings.  These are the same principles we have used in breeding Gloster Canaries for the last 36 yrs.         We are now at a time where our son and daughter joined our business which has allowed us to have more time to follow our love for shelties more.  Our kennel is around 4-6 dogs and between 1-3 litters per year, which are born in our bedroom, then once the babies are older are moved to our kitchen/entrance where they are around all the noises & interactions with us and other people.  We also have 4 grandsons who help us socialize our puppies and LOVE doing so!  We have a fully fenced yard on an acre for lots of room and fun for our Shelties to play.
One of our beautiful Gloster Canary This is one of our beautiful Fife Canaries. Our beautiful outdoor space One of my favorite photos of Chelsea & Tasia in our garden This is one of my grandsons (Charlie) socializing puppies. Carlos and Yvonne Coco and her babies with our new whelping box!!  Thank you Jim & Bonnie Rector Carlos with Coco & Chanel Yvonne playing with puppies in the yard Phoenix, Icon, Benji and Teddie Chelsea our foundation girl. CLICK ON ANY PHOTO TO SEE IT FULL SIZE Our grandson Dante with one of puppies.